Hello world!


Okay, so first post! No pressure! I have officially psyched myself out because I keep telling myself it has to be something that will grab attention, make people want to follow me! This leads to my first problem…


I don’t hate them in general, just writing them about myself. It’s the same as writing a personal statement on a CV! So you’re going to have to forgive the lack of personal details whilst I just skip straight to the essentials.

This blog is my aim to get out the things that interest me. I’ve recently started a venture, selling on makeup so I would like to start posting up some tutorials on how to use the products, but I also have a crazy love of cooking so prepare to see pictures of my creations and recipes. These will be mixed with random funnies that tickle me, and music videos that I come across and adore. Hopefully the things you see posted will interest you too!

I guess that’s it!

Until next time,

Jen x


About 86jennypen

Hi there! So, this is my blog, my attempt at getting out the things in my everyday life that I'm vain enough to think people will be interested in! It will more than likely center around cosmetics and cooking as they are two of my main loves in life! Other than that, there's nothing really special to tell you about me. I just hope you enjoy what you see!

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