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I -should- be blogging…



I woke up with this real urge to blog today, to take a break from planning my first tutorial (which incidentally leads onto more tutorials!!!!!) and just write. However, I opened the back door at work and was greeted by this. Now what’s a girl to do!? Stay inside or take advantage of this glorious ball of hotness!?

Meh! I’m at work for another eight hours and I’m pretty sure I don’t have half of that with the sun! I can still plan here, and then blog later!

Right now, I am happy just stood in the doorway, making sure my dead shop remains dead, and starting my summer tan!

On a plus note, I am doing my first post via phone and the WordPress app!! Gotta love these smart phones!!

Until next time,
Jen x


Prom Tutorial?



So, a strange thing happened. I mentioned to a pair of lovely young ladies I know, that I was thinking about doing a tutorial for prom make up then I get home and low and behold, on facebook, I’m being invited to my ten year school reunion. Now, apart from feeling quite old now :(, I am taking it as a sign that this was meant to happen!

Now, with prom just around the corner, I know there are going to be lots of young women out there planning what dress to wear, who they’ll be going with and, if things haven’t changed since I left school, some of the boys will be arranging the most unusual ways to arrive at the prom! Yes, at my school prom we had the standard limos, the fire engines, the horse drawn carriages, but we also had a lorry show up, complete with four portaloos strapped to the back, which four of the lads from my year emerged from. If I remember rightly, one had his pants around his ankles, and showed off his gold thong.

I went in a limo xD

Now, prom for me was a good night but… I don’t know, I didn’t really enjoy school so prom was more of a celebration for me that I had survived it! Looking back at the pictures… woof…. I won’t lie, I had a crap time in the run up to prom, with all of the preparation time being one thing going wrong after another.

First bit of advice for you lovelies. PLAN!! Plan, plan, plan! You can never plan enough. Also, GO BY RECOMMENDATIONS! I made the mistake of getting some false nails put on by a company who had a stand in the middle of a shopping centre. Looking back on it now, I want to scream at myself! The woman was the dictionary definition of incompetant, she did seven nails using the white powder, then ran out and finished the others off in pink powder!! Now, correct me if I am wrong, but acrylic nail extensions are meant to be smooth, shiny, glorious things… well…. mine were not. They were lumpy, miscoloured, rough and different lengths. I got home, cried, then painted them over. I should have refused to pay her for such a shoddy job, but I was young. It didn’t stop me from feeling a little jolt of happiness when I watched them go bust a few years later!

I really, hand on heart, do not want that to happen to anyone else. So, throughout the tutorial I might drop in a few things that I really wish I could have told myself! Actually, I really would like to do one of those ‘Dear 15 year old me’ letters, might be quite therapeutic!

But anyway, back to my point. Wow I really do like to go off topic don’t I!? I could do with requests or inspirations for the make up style, for example would you prefer natural glam look or something more wild? Or both?

Until next time,

Jen x

Well, apparently I suck at this blogging stuff!


Two weeks!! Two weeks since I posted something, anything! As I stated in the title, I suck!

I do have an excuse though, it’s a pretty decent one too. I was preparing (read as: freaking out) for a show I did yesterday for good old St. Patrick’s Day! It went well, thank you for asking. However, half of the ‘traditional’ Irish stuff we’d spent the last two weeks practicing religiously ended up on the cutting room floor as the audience seemed more into the old skool rock’n’roll!! Still, it was a good night and, yes, I did partake in a pint of Guinness. I had heard rumours that the bar staff were going to put green food colouring in the bottom of the glasses that would turn the infamous white head green, but alas it never came to fruition. I may have to try it though.

As for me? I went all out, stereotypical Irish. My hair is red, my eyeshadow was green, and my clothes made me look like a pint of Guinness with a white shirt and black skirt. Oooh! Also, the changing room we were in was immense! I mean, they had thought of everything!!! It was amazing.

Anyway, I swear, I will be better at this. I just need to sort out my dad’s website (had to change the hosting 😦 which means relinking everything before uploading everything… head, meet desk!) and then I’m thinking about doing a few tutorials on make up. Sound good?

Until next time,

Jen x


Hi, my name’s Jenny… and I’m a photoshopaholic


Any of you who know me will know that I adore tinkering around with photos, mainly celebrities, sometimes backgrounds, sometimes pictures for my dad’s website… but today I decided to mess around with one of my own photos because, let’s face it, a girl is never happy with an unphotoshopped picture!

I was feeling in one of those ‘dark’ moods, going for the post apocalypse, dystopian feel… maybe touching on my inner Queen Bitch who would blatently thrive in such a world xD

I digress… here is the picture.

ImageUntil next time,

Jen x

Make Up Haul #1


Alrighty! As promised, here are photos and details of the cosmetics I have to offer. Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter if you are interested!

I feel I should warn you that I do feel like being a little dramatic for this!

LADIIIEEEES AAAAAAAAND GEEENTLMEEEEN!! For your viewing pleasure, Make Up or Bake Up would like to present to yoooou…

ImageBourjois Three Piece Set

This is actually a really cute set! It contains a Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara (approx £4 rrp), one of their very adorable contour and shade Petit Guide de Style in #16 Crazy Baby (approx £4 rrp) and last, but not least, their 3D effect lipgloss in #32 Fraise Pailletée (approx £4 rrp). ONLY £8.00

ImageBourjois Liner Effect MascaraSOLD OUT!

Holy. Moly!!! I cannot stress enough how much I love this mascara! One of them arrived at my house with damage to the packaging so I decided, as I needed a new mascara, I’d give this one a try and I fell in love at the first use! The short bristles on one side of the brush make sure that you get a lot of mascara near the base of your eyelashes so it literally does what it says on the case, it makes you look like you have eyeliner on. This is really great for everyday use because it can be used with a minimalistic eye for daywear or it can really make your eyes pop with more dramatic eyeshadows. ONLY £7.50

ImageMaybelline XXL Pro Extension Mascara – Waterproof

I am a geek for two step mascara. There is something about the primers which seem to really make my lashes look ten times fuller and longer. A tip I find useful is to only do one eye at a time, or else the primer dries and it’s harder to cover with mascara. Also, try putting some of the mascara on the top of your lashes too before applying it as normal. ONLY £6.00

ImageMax Factor Lipfinity – Maxwear 3D Lipgloss

Natural is going to be very ‘in’ this Spring, dewey bases with just a hint of color, soft pink, coral or nude shades on the lips and high shine gloss. This product has both! I have both #720 Cinnamon and Sugar for the pinky tones and #710 Bronzed Goddess for the, surprise surprise, bronze tones! ONLY £4.00


And lastly, to suit those who are interested in the minimalist look or, like me, prefer to be a goddamn diva…

Max Factor Stay Put Lipstick

I am the first to admit that lipstick can be hit or miss… and truthfully, it scares me! However, #20 Moonbeam is one of those shades that will give your lips a beautiful shimmer that will last, perfect for work, keeping your lips gorgeous at the beach this summer etc etc. Now, my resolution this spring is to wear more of shades such as #19 Flame. It takes a strong woman to wear red, but it is in and I’m a sucker for the fifties glam! I may even do a tutorial on how to wear red… you need the right shade and stuff. Anywhoo, I picked Flame because it seemed a pretty good all rounder for all skin tones. ONLY £3.00

And that is the end of the haul!

Until next time,

Jen x


This is actually a Godsend! And yes, I checked my wrists to see what colour my veins were xD
Colour is everything with foundation! No one likes that two tone, face one colour, neck another style. Believe me, that’s not in the fashion line up this year!!
Jen x

Kate O'Reilly

Buying the correct foundation can be an absolute nightmare. Liquid or compact, which colour am I and what does luminous mean anyway!? There’s so much choice out there it can be a daunting task so here’s my guide to make things a little easier for you.

First thing is first, what am I using this gloopy brown stuff for anyway?? Well, foundation is designed to even out your skin tone and cover minor imperfections. Unfortunately it cannot:

1. Cover pimples, broken veins of undereye circles.
2. Change your skin colour.
3. Be a finished makeup look worn on its own.

Foundation works in tandem with other products to perfect your skin. If you feel finished after applying only your foundation chances are it’s too dark, too heavy, or you need glasses.

This can be the most confusing part of buying a foundation but to keep it simple, go into the…

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Testing testing 1, 2, 3…


Original title, I know!

The reason for this post is to check whether the ‘blip’ in Word Press has been fixed. It was not fun!

I wrote a post yesterday, only to have the other half ring and let me know that it had published more than once… more like 30 times! So I had to go and quickly delete the extra posts and thank the heavens that I didn’t have many followers who would have had 30 email notifications!

So, this is the test. Will it post only once, or is it autosaving every so often, showing you all the way I write, then delete, then rewrite, them start over again, then write, then make a coffee, re-evaluate whether I should be writing a blog, then say ‘Screw it!’ and just write whatever!

Fingers crossed!

Until next time,

Jen x