This is actually a Godsend! And yes, I checked my wrists to see what colour my veins were xD
Colour is everything with foundation! No one likes that two tone, face one colour, neck another style. Believe me, that’s not in the fashion line up this year!!
Jen x

Kate O'Reilly

Buying the correct foundation can be an absolute nightmare. Liquid or compact, which colour am I and what does luminous mean anyway!? There’s so much choice out there it can be a daunting task so here’s my guide to make things a little easier for you.

First thing is first, what am I using this gloopy brown stuff for anyway?? Well, foundation is designed to even out your skin tone and cover minor imperfections. Unfortunately it cannot:

1. Cover pimples, broken veins of undereye circles.
2. Change your skin colour.
3. Be a finished makeup look worn on its own.

Foundation works in tandem with other products to perfect your skin. If you feel finished after applying only your foundation chances are it’s too dark, too heavy, or you need glasses.

This can be the most confusing part of buying a foundation but to keep it simple, go into the…

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