Testing testing 1, 2, 3…


Original title, I know!

The reason for this post is to check whether the ‘blip’ in Word Press has been fixed. It was not fun!

I wrote a post yesterday, only to have the other half ring and let me know that it had published more than once… more like 30 times! So I had to go and quickly delete the extra posts and thank the heavens that I didn’t have many followers who would have had 30 email notifications!

So, this is the test. Will it post only once, or is it autosaving every so often, showing you all the way I write, then delete, then rewrite, them start over again, then write, then make a coffee, re-evaluate whether I should be writing a blog, then say ‘Screw it!’ and just write whatever!

Fingers crossed!

Until next time,

Jen x


About 86jennypen

Hi there! So, this is my blog, my attempt at getting out the things in my everyday life that I'm vain enough to think people will be interested in! It will more than likely center around cosmetics and cooking as they are two of my main loves in life! Other than that, there's nothing really special to tell you about me. I just hope you enjoy what you see!

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