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Pamper Day!!


What a morning!

I woke up late, missed my shower and ended up heading to my meeting feeling a little less than my best. On top of that, the ‘guest speaker’ didn’t really know what she was talking about but waffled on for about 30 minutes!!


So what did I do? I planned out a luxurious pamper session for when I got home.

I was already in the city so I decided to stop into Lush and grab some stuff to really give me that glorious feeling. And my, I wasn’t disappointed.

I bought myself a Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb, Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter, Sugar Scrub and a few other pieces for the other half!

Now, I’m going to be honest here and geek out. The reason I picked Dragon’s Egg was because the name just screamed Game of Thrones to me. Listen to me long enough and you will soon realise that I consider Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen just… breathtaking. Plus, the girl is stunningly beautiful and I wouldn’t mind being a damn Khaleesi and having dragons, you know!

So, seeing the bath bomb, my brain travelled to that scene in the first ever episode where the timid Daenerys bathes in a huuuuuge, steaming bath overlooking a picturesque view, before meeting the ever so handsome (albeit brutally vicious) Khal Drogo. Well, it’s the closest I’m going to get to being royalty so I’ll take it.

It took some imagination when I got home, I can tell you that much! I do not have a huge tub, nor do I have a picturesque view… actually I dont have a window at all, but I set some music going and, once my bath was run,  I dropped in my precious dragon egg and waited for the fire and ice.

Well, it took a minute to get going.

Ok, so it wasn’t so much a boom, more a fizzle, but the aromas that travelled up were absolutely divine! I’m not really one for citrusy smells, butit complimented the jasmine so well that I was happy to lie back and just think of my Drogo… wait…

Now, the website boasts that this particular bath bomb holds secrets and fireworks for a finale so I was pleasantly surprised to open my eyes to find my body immersed in glittering, liquid gold and surrounded by petals. Patience truly is a virtue with this bath bomb!!! I’ll happily admit that I did the film thing, you know, where you lift your legs out of the water and try and be all graceful?? Yes, more imagination WAS needed here 😀

Now, I have waffled like the lady from my meeting but hey, takes one to know one!!!!

The Dragon’s Egg is by no means my favourite bath bomb from lush, no… that award goes to Golden Wonder which turned my bath water this tremendously deep turquoise and me, with my red hair, totally reverted back to my childhood days where I pretended to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately that bomb was a Christmas Special so no regular bathing for me with that. Nevertheless,  my Khaleesi bomb is a good second.

The sugar scrub isn’t much to look at, resembling one of those green things they use to display flowers, but it claims to be good for cellulite with its use of fennel oil, and at £2.75 a pop it’s a damn sight cheaper than some creams! Some have complained about the smell but I didn’t find it pungent at all. It felt lovely on my skin, and I chose to rub it on then in with my hands as not to be too scratchy. I love it being a sugar scrub as opposed to salt as I’ve been left in absolute agony more often than not with them!!! As for the cellulite reduction, watch this space.

All in all, I didn’t want to get out of my bath today. Did a nice little hair treatment and face mask to have more reason to stay in!

That was a good four hours ago and my skin is still feeling soft and so good!

Oooooh and the present my other half bought me arrived today! It was lovely to come tumbling through my front door, laden down with bags (only one of which was shopping 😦 ) to find my Guns and Roses shoes waiting for me. They. Are. Gorgeous!!!

To finish up, here’s a photo of all my shiz, and please ignore my kitten who decided he’d be little Mr I’m going to sit in your photo and look stroppy. He’s cute enoughto get away with it though.


So, until next time!
Jen x


Some people! !!!


I know,  a title such as that makes people think “uh oh, Jen’s got another person on her hit list”, but no. This time I want to applaud, and give a shout out to in case she stops by, Emily from the Benefit counter in the High Street branch of Boots in Southampton. She was an absolute star and so, so, SO friendly and professional that I felt the need to blog about it.

Jen, I hear you cry, are you being sponsored by Benefit to say such nice things?

No, dear readers, I am not,  but as an avid purchaser of all things beauty based, I have come across a whole range of sales reps, as I’m sure you too all have!

I’m talking about those sales assistants who judge the proverbial book by its cover; the ones who are so primped and primed that you can almost see the tip of the stick they have stuck up their backsides poking out from beneath their uniform skirt. Those women, and I say that as most of them are women :(, who look down their noses at you if you aren’t caked in their company’s products or dripping with designer gear that screams the fact you have money to burn.

Yes, I’m sure every single one of us have been left feeling slightly, if not incredibly, what’s the best term for it… unworthy? Judged? Embarrassed? All of the above?

I digress, and this post isn’t to focus on those nasty sales people, it’s to talk about the nice ones.  I’m really stressing how welcoming and lovely Emily was!!!! I wasn’t feeling my greatest, I’d had to fight the great battle of Primark,  cross the sea of excitable school children whose parents were already sick of them one day into the summer holiday,  before collapsing through the doors and towards the Benefit counter.

Why was I in there? Well, in this current ‘heatwave’ Britain is experiencing (which I’m pretty sure is the same as the summers we had when I was young just everyone’s forgotten it after the wet and wild summers we’ve had recently), my foundation was no longer on my face but had travelled south onto my neck and worse! Along came Emily who, bless her heart,  didn’t act like I was some beauty refugee in some dire state of needing cosmetic CPR. She asked what I was looking for and before I knew it, I was in the make up chair being pampered.

So what? That’s her job, right? Sure, but she put up with ALL my craziness, even down to being shown pictures of my kittens and my ability to chat for England! It meant she ran over and had to pass on her next client to her partner, but I learnt new ways to apply foundation, I told her about this blog, my other jobs and we laughed about the joys of makeup in this heat and various other cosmetic tragedies we’d experienced. I blabbed, like I do all the time, the way that normally gets me looked at like I’m a freak, but I was comfortable there and didn’t feel like I needed to prove I had some form of beauty knowledge to be seen as a ‘proper’ customer.

I know I’m making a big deal out it but it’s rare for me, with all my quirkiness,  to not feel judged and intimidated by beauty professionals and this lady was a breath of fresh air.

So my next review will be the products I bought today, the 15 hour primer and the hello flawless foundation!!!

Buuuut I do think the good makeup gals and guys deserve to be praised so I’m going to praise any I find on here; I think I’ll call it ‘Reward the Reps’. Maybe I’ll start reviewing the sales teams as well as the products!!

Congratulations EMILY from BENEFIT in Southampton’s High Street BOOTS branch, you are the first recipient of ‘Reward the Reps’ and are now classed as one of **Jen’s Gems**

Until next time!!