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Catch up!


So, the counterfeit thing is going rather well!

More and more items are getting delivered and I’m just waiting for a good enough bulk to take down to Dior and accost the lovely ladies in there again!

However, I’m getting a bit antsy about something to do and I was thinking about possibly a Hunger Games themed set of tutorials? I love in the film how they had the procession and were dressed to represent their district… sooooooo how would a set based around the different districts sound? Good?? Yay? Nay? I think it could be quite cool!

Also, I have a few items still for sale and I’m probably going to do a few tutorials using them, try and help them shift!

Until next time!

Jen x



Make Up Haul #1


Alrighty! As promised, here are photos and details of the cosmetics I have to offer. Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter if you are interested!

I feel I should warn you that I do feel like being a little dramatic for this!

LADIIIEEEES AAAAAAAAND GEEENTLMEEEEN!! For your viewing pleasure, Make Up or Bake Up would like to present to yoooou…

ImageBourjois Three Piece Set

This is actually a really cute set! It contains a Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara (approx £4 rrp), one of their very adorable contour and shade Petit Guide de Style in #16 Crazy Baby (approx £4 rrp) and last, but not least, their 3D effect lipgloss in #32 Fraise Pailletée (approx £4 rrp). ONLY £8.00

ImageBourjois Liner Effect MascaraSOLD OUT!

Holy. Moly!!! I cannot stress enough how much I love this mascara! One of them arrived at my house with damage to the packaging so I decided, as I needed a new mascara, I’d give this one a try and I fell in love at the first use! The short bristles on one side of the brush make sure that you get a lot of mascara near the base of your eyelashes so it literally does what it says on the case, it makes you look like you have eyeliner on. This is really great for everyday use because it can be used with a minimalistic eye for daywear or it can really make your eyes pop with more dramatic eyeshadows. ONLY £7.50

ImageMaybelline XXL Pro Extension Mascara – Waterproof

I am a geek for two step mascara. There is something about the primers which seem to really make my lashes look ten times fuller and longer. A tip I find useful is to only do one eye at a time, or else the primer dries and it’s harder to cover with mascara. Also, try putting some of the mascara on the top of your lashes too before applying it as normal. ONLY £6.00

ImageMax Factor Lipfinity – Maxwear 3D Lipgloss

Natural is going to be very ‘in’ this Spring, dewey bases with just a hint of color, soft pink, coral or nude shades on the lips and high shine gloss. This product has both! I have both #720 Cinnamon and Sugar for the pinky tones and #710 Bronzed Goddess for the, surprise surprise, bronze tones! ONLY £4.00


And lastly, to suit those who are interested in the minimalist look or, like me, prefer to be a goddamn diva…

Max Factor Stay Put Lipstick

I am the first to admit that lipstick can be hit or miss… and truthfully, it scares me! However, #20 Moonbeam is one of those shades that will give your lips a beautiful shimmer that will last, perfect for work, keeping your lips gorgeous at the beach this summer etc etc. Now, my resolution this spring is to wear more of shades such as #19 Flame. It takes a strong woman to wear red, but it is in and I’m a sucker for the fifties glam! I may even do a tutorial on how to wear red… you need the right shade and stuff. Anywhoo, I picked Flame because it seemed a pretty good all rounder for all skin tones. ONLY £3.00

And that is the end of the haul!

Until next time,

Jen x