At least it didn’t rain!


Hello my lovelies!! Hope you are all keeping well!

Me, in case you were wondering, I had a really, really lovely day yesterday! It was one of those days when, although we didn’t stop, it was blissful! However, my other half miiiiiiiiight beg to differ! xD

Let me break it down for you. We had a day off together, which is so stupidly rare it’s not even funny!! So, we had a choice, stay in and do the pre-Spring clean degrime, or get out of the house and enjoy ourselves. Sorry, I love the fifties look (I’m even rocking the liquid eyeliner and red lips today) but I am nooooooooo housewife, I HATE CLEANING! What -do- I like? Do I hear the distant sound of scanners beeping, tills opening, kachings? Shopping??

Who remembers that oven chips advert from a few years back? Daddy or chips… daddy or chips…. daddy……. or chips….

Shopping or housework, shopping…. or housework? There really wasn’t much of a debate to be had, was there.

That’s a lie, really… we had our shopping delivered early in the morning, so that was a bit of housework!!! Right? Right!!?

Now, I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I love the beginning of shopping! That start, when you’re fresh, bright eyed and bushy tailed. The shopping centre is your oyster, go forth and conquer!!!! It’s ace, you have this feeling you’ll find exactly what you want, or you’ll come across a real gem in some little boutique where they once snubbed you, and they’ll love you now because Richard Gere has his Xtra special, VIP, platinum diamond mix credit card at the ready to purchase your every whim….. wait, that’s Pretty Woman. Damn, that’s right, I was there, with my bog standard debit card.Stupid films, why do they always raise us to have unreal expectations that will never come to fruition!?

Sorry, where was I? Let me just reread the babble… bright eyed, oyster, Richard Gere, ah yes! It’s always great when you start shopping! Then, you hit one shop… the ‘I’m going to take every good feeling you have about yourself and rip it out through your chest, hopefully taking your heart with it on the way’ shops. I don’t know why it affects me so much, but it does! I try something on, in my size, and it’s tight, too tight. I do the typical girl thing,

Me:   “What do you mean, it won’t zip up!?”

O/H: “I don’t have enough hands to pull it together and tug it!”

Me:    “But… it’s MY size!! Hang on… *big exhale, press hands against boobs to try and crush them into me* How about now?”

              -zip drags up, I’m in it but unable to move, actually I’m not even able to breathe-

Me:    “Hulk… smash.”

It’s depressing! And I’m sure we’ve all been there. It brings out my inner ‘skinny bitch who then guilt trips me into promising to only eat salad until I can easily fit into this dress! No more fast food, no more food full stop!! Why did you quit smoking you idiot!? You could eat more when you smoked!! Yesterday, she made me feel down for about… half an hour? Then I shut her up with a chocolate muffin. I’ll start the bloody diet tomorrow, and I’ll do a work out before work! (I did too! Check me out!)

I did get some new clothes though, and some amazing t-shirts I’ll have to post photos of soon! I have some new jeans that are just sexy as hell!! They totally channel the ever so glamorous Katey Sagal in her Gemma Teller Morrow guise!

We were in a shop in town where my beloved girly had devolved to having a mental age of five and these denim shorts she wanted to show me were the, and I quote, ‘greatest, most amazing shorts ever in the history of the creation of the world’ and she ‘neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeded them’. I have to admit, I felt so sorry for her! She’d been in last week, tried them on, fallen in love and then had to leave them because the queue was too long and her lift was ready to leave. So we went in, especially to get these shorts, she jumped around like those kids on the advert where they find out they’re going to Disney Land…. and then realised that they didn’t have her size anymore.

Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn but beep, bloody, beep! I am a damn good girlfriend! Whilst queuing to pay for the stuff we were buying, I grabbed out my trusty smart phone and searched out the other store a few towns over! Luckily, it was 5.30pm and this particular store stayed open until 8pm!! HAPPY DAYS!!!

Soooooooo, imagine this next bit as a montage, us racing, arms laden with bags, through the streets, from one end of town to the other, where I had parked the car, complete with the stupid floor cleaner I’d bought, leaking, soaking the corner of the paper bag beside it, which then meant it split and, as we’re racing, my shopping slowly drops out, item by item… so we have to go in reverse, picking up said items! (thank GOD I didn’t buy those ‘shake it’ panties for zumba!) Then get back to the car, and I have a freak out, I have NO idea how to get from here to the other shop! I know how to get from here to home, and from home to the store, but not here to store!!!

As much as I love my other half, she’s not the greatest at directions, or using an iPhone, so trying to get her to navigate was like asking Sleepy to grab me a magazine from the top shelf!

Never the less, more by luck than judgment, we made it to the store and *insert the fanfare, shining white spotlight and hell, why not, Chariots of Fire* there were the shorts!! Hallelujah!



ImageImageNext port of call was the same town, to the local college where my sister needed the other half for an assessment in her beauty course. I was supposed to drop her in, head home and have my sister drop her home later. However, after getting lost on the way to the college too (thank you, GoogleMaps for not updating to let us know that the looooooong road that would take us to the college now has a lovely break, a cement square of sorts, complete with corner shop!)

Anyhoo, we get there, I go in to get a coffee because, let’s face it, I deserve a full fat, no crappy decaf, black Americano, and I am met by my sister. One of her classmates needs a client for a French manicure and she put me in for it. Well, after a day rushing around, an impromptu manicure sounds right up my street!!! Someone is smiling on me! I gush to my other half about how we’re both getting some pampering, how we could get used to this, blah blah blah, and she gives me this little forlorn smile and I stop. Oh shut up, Jen! How could you be so blonde!? You’re talking about pampering to the poor thing who has signed up for a half leg, chin, lip and eyebrow wax… all in one sitting!!! So I sat there, having my hand massage, watching my other half do a Brechtian silent scream… yes, I felt bad.

But you know, it was a really good day!! Despite the feeling bad about how I look, the arm aches, the racing here, there and everywhere and my poor girly breaking through her pain barrier, it was lovely to actually spend some time with her, have lunch with my sister and just… do our own thing. And, you know what? It didn’t rain on us either! Bonus!

Until next time,

Jen x


Which Beauty Box to subscribe to!!?


So I need some advice from you lovelies!

I am tempted to subscribe to one of these beauty box providers, but the question is… which one!?

There seems to be a sea of possible options but all reviews have good and bad points! I’m not expecting a perfect company, I know that every box isn’t going to be filled with luxurious items that I will fall madly in love with because they do an amazing job on my skin/hair/whatever. However, I could really do with some input on which company is the best of the bunch!

So, Glossybox? Joliebox? Latestinbeauty? Anyone? Please? I’d love you forever! Feel free to comment here or hit me up on good old twitter @ladyniffa.

Until next time,

Jen x

What is it with everything at the moment!?


Christ on a bike! The ‘I’m not dieting, I’m just eating healthily’ has well and truly taken a back seat these past few weeks, hence the lack of posting. I’ve just had no oomph to do anything! It’s been a struggle just to do the most menial tasks, like even getting up!! Things that have normally caused me joy, the cooking, the makeup, have been non existent! That’s right, I have had days these past few weeks when I’ve gone to work with no make up on! This may seem like nothing to some people, but to me it’s a big deal!

Buuut, speaking to people, I’m not alone! How are you guys feeling? It might just be us Brits and the stupid ‘I look sunny and warm out but I’m freezing cold and going to randomly pelt you with hailstones that hurt so much it’ll make you cry’ weather. Honestly, this mass semi-depression can only be blamed on the weather, surely! Anyone I know who’s trying to diet, or eat healthily, have been knocking back the junk food. And I’m not kidding, I’ve lost count how much chocolate has disappeared down my neck recently, and I’m -not- a chocoholic at all! People I know who are fitness fanatics, are finding it hard to push themselves like they normally do!! It’s insane! But fear not, we’re not alone!!

Knowing I wasn’t alone in my feeling down was the kick in the bum I needed! I headed off and got some cute storage bits and bobs for my makeup, sorted it all out so I no longer need to rummage through bags to find my foundation! I love it! It looks so organised, but still slightly chaotic, like me!

The other half and I also grabbed a few bits to decorate our tiny hallway upstairs. That was fun, it’s now got a beach theme and freshly glossed doors! Check us out, huh!

I also cooked what I can only describe as being a gloriously beautiful dinner! I’ve never cooked trout before, but we thought we’d try something new! So I made something called ‘Blackened Fish’ on a bed of lettuce, with saute potato chunks and grapes. It was meant to have crap loads of butter in it, but I just missed that out and used it as a dry rub. It was literally like heaven to my taste buds!  Here’s a picture of the finished product, because I’m vain like that!Image

Speaking of vanity, I decided to buck up my ideas with the makeup yesterday, and actually made an effort for work. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I was really, really pleased with it!! I think it would work as a prom eyeshadow, as it’s not too dramatic, but not too plain either. I felt like a right diva with my attempt at rocker hair. Please note, I do not claim to be any good at hair, so excuse it!

If you guys like this, let me know and I’ll do a step by step! Also, excuse the low quality of the pics, I used my phone in my bathroom 😦 not the greatest lighting but it was the best I had! It doesn’t show the colours that well either, but it was a mix of purples and black so it made my eyes look really green! <3333




So yeah, I think that’s everything! How have you guys been? If you’re feeling a little low, hope it changes for you soon!!

Until next time,

Jen x

I -should- be blogging…



I woke up with this real urge to blog today, to take a break from planning my first tutorial (which incidentally leads onto more tutorials!!!!!) and just write. However, I opened the back door at work and was greeted by this. Now what’s a girl to do!? Stay inside or take advantage of this glorious ball of hotness!?

Meh! I’m at work for another eight hours and I’m pretty sure I don’t have half of that with the sun! I can still plan here, and then blog later!

Right now, I am happy just stood in the doorway, making sure my dead shop remains dead, and starting my summer tan!

On a plus note, I am doing my first post via phone and the WordPress app!! Gotta love these smart phones!!

Until next time,
Jen x

Prom Tutorial?



So, a strange thing happened. I mentioned to a pair of lovely young ladies I know, that I was thinking about doing a tutorial for prom make up then I get home and low and behold, on facebook, I’m being invited to my ten year school reunion. Now, apart from feeling quite old now :(, I am taking it as a sign that this was meant to happen!

Now, with prom just around the corner, I know there are going to be lots of young women out there planning what dress to wear, who they’ll be going with and, if things haven’t changed since I left school, some of the boys will be arranging the most unusual ways to arrive at the prom! Yes, at my school prom we had the standard limos, the fire engines, the horse drawn carriages, but we also had a lorry show up, complete with four portaloos strapped to the back, which four of the lads from my year emerged from. If I remember rightly, one had his pants around his ankles, and showed off his gold thong.

I went in a limo xD

Now, prom for me was a good night but… I don’t know, I didn’t really enjoy school so prom was more of a celebration for me that I had survived it! Looking back at the pictures… woof…. I won’t lie, I had a crap time in the run up to prom, with all of the preparation time being one thing going wrong after another.

First bit of advice for you lovelies. PLAN!! Plan, plan, plan! You can never plan enough. Also, GO BY RECOMMENDATIONS! I made the mistake of getting some false nails put on by a company who had a stand in the middle of a shopping centre. Looking back on it now, I want to scream at myself! The woman was the dictionary definition of incompetant, she did seven nails using the white powder, then ran out and finished the others off in pink powder!! Now, correct me if I am wrong, but acrylic nail extensions are meant to be smooth, shiny, glorious things… well…. mine were not. They were lumpy, miscoloured, rough and different lengths. I got home, cried, then painted them over. I should have refused to pay her for such a shoddy job, but I was young. It didn’t stop me from feeling a little jolt of happiness when I watched them go bust a few years later!

I really, hand on heart, do not want that to happen to anyone else. So, throughout the tutorial I might drop in a few things that I really wish I could have told myself! Actually, I really would like to do one of those ‘Dear 15 year old me’ letters, might be quite therapeutic!

But anyway, back to my point. Wow I really do like to go off topic don’t I!? I could do with requests or inspirations for the make up style, for example would you prefer natural glam look or something more wild? Or both?

Until next time,

Jen x

Well, apparently I suck at this blogging stuff!


Two weeks!! Two weeks since I posted something, anything! As I stated in the title, I suck!

I do have an excuse though, it’s a pretty decent one too. I was preparing (read as: freaking out) for a show I did yesterday for good old St. Patrick’s Day! It went well, thank you for asking. However, half of the ‘traditional’ Irish stuff we’d spent the last two weeks practicing religiously ended up on the cutting room floor as the audience seemed more into the old skool rock’n’roll!! Still, it was a good night and, yes, I did partake in a pint of Guinness. I had heard rumours that the bar staff were going to put green food colouring in the bottom of the glasses that would turn the infamous white head green, but alas it never came to fruition. I may have to try it though.

As for me? I went all out, stereotypical Irish. My hair is red, my eyeshadow was green, and my clothes made me look like a pint of Guinness with a white shirt and black skirt. Oooh! Also, the changing room we were in was immense! I mean, they had thought of everything!!! It was amazing.

Anyway, I swear, I will be better at this. I just need to sort out my dad’s website (had to change the hosting 😦 which means relinking everything before uploading everything… head, meet desk!) and then I’m thinking about doing a few tutorials on make up. Sound good?

Until next time,

Jen x