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Catch up!


So, the counterfeit thing is going rather well!

More and more items are getting delivered and I’m just waiting for a good enough bulk to take down to Dior and accost the lovely ladies in there again!

However, I’m getting a bit antsy about something to do and I was thinking about possibly a Hunger Games themed set of tutorials? I love in the film how they had the procession and were dressed to represent their district… sooooooo how would a set based around the different districts sound? Good?? Yay? Nay? I think it could be quite cool!

Also, I have a few items still for sale and I’m probably going to do a few tutorials using them, try and help them shift!

Until next time!

Jen x



Oh Dior, real Dior, wherefore art thou, real Dior!


So, yes, I’ve been at it again! Naughty me has completely and utterly neglected the blog but believe me, I have valid reasons.

My life has been going through some huge, and I mean HUGE, changes over the last few months! I found my calling in life! You are now looking at a very busy, but very satisfied, Youth Worker! I cannot gush enough about how much I love this job, but it’s been very time consuming with the new training. There have been days when… it even hurts to say it… I feel sick… there have been days when…. I haven’t even worn makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know!

Anyway, this job has given me a completely new lease of life on the makeup thing in the past week or two. I speak to a lot of the young women I see, who cannot necessarily afford to buy designer brand makeup, so they turn to sites such as eBay to try and get someone’s unwanted Christmas present etc on the cheap! I can’t blame them, I always think something feels better when you’ve got it at a bargain price!

However, what is worrying me more and more is the amount of counterfeit products they are being duped with! I am in the business of teaching these young people how to be healthy, take care of themselves, yet they are putting God alone knows what onto their skin and thinking it’s good!

Sometimes you can be lucky and get ripped off into buying coloured flour or something simple like that but there are so many other ingredients that are so incredibly dangerous, you’d likely freak out if you knew!

BBC News had a story up about Leanne Wetheim, an eBayer who was arrested and charged for selling counterfeit goods on the auction site. The scary thing is, and I quote from the page, after testing, a “counterfeit Max Factor mascara was found to contain more than three times the safe level of lead.”

The Daily Mail Online ran a piece about the same sort of topic, but they found their tested counterfeits contained “traces of cadmium, copper, arsenic, lead and mercury as well as worrying levels of bacteria.” Arsenic… as in the POISON!

I cannot find the blog I read it on, but there was an instance where a mascara was found to contain petrol! I know I’m not the only one who has accidentally jabbed myself in the eye with the mascara brush, it’s painful enough with a ‘nice’ mascara, let alone one that contains the crap that my car uses to run!

Let’s face it, girls… and some of those boys who like to use a little cover up ;P, these counterfeiters don’t care a bit about you. The tat they are wheeling out could potentially cause you permanent disfigurements. At best, you could get a small reaction, but what if you get something worse!?

You search online about fake makeup and there are loads of posts about spotting fake MAC, fake BeneFit, fake this, that and the other but I noticed a real lack of posts on anything but bags and lipsticks when it came to Dior!

Now, I love Dior. I love, love, love, love their waterproof eyeliners!!

Therefore, I am going to start doing some vigilante work! I am in the process of ordering and receiving a few Dior items from eBay that I believe will be fake and I will be naming and shaming those sellers here if they refuse to take their products down.

Now, I can hear some of you saying, “Yes, all well and good Jen but what about those people who do not know they are selling fakes? Some might be the victims too!?” I understand that, I am no mean ogre! To those people, I will recommend they take their bits and bobs to Trading Standards and report their sources. The people I will name and shame will be the ones who, even after I prove they are selling fakes, are still trying to pass their crap off as genuine.

Still, some of you will say “Jen, no offence, but how can you, a lowly blog writer, class your opinion as proof!?” To those I will say this; I have a secret weapon who I would like to thank whole-heartedly for her input in this little venture.

I shall start from the beginning with this story.

My other half found a Dior eyeliner on eBay for £6 and I thought hmmm too good to be true, so she ordered it. After a stupid amount of weeks, it arrived and by golly, what a state it was. The print on the pencil was shoddy and overlapping, not what you’d expect from the Dior line. The actual Dior font was wrong too, far too thin and spaced out. The details, the made in Germany part and the Christian Dior Paris part, were too big and, for the want of a better word, chunky. Then I opened the pencil lid.

Now, I’ll post up a photo in the main piece, but you’ll have to excuse the state of my genuine Dior eyeliner, it’s been well used! However, you will be able to see how the actual pencil looks. Gorgeously smooth on the original! Then we’ll compare with the sketching pencil I was sent!!! Let’s just say this; you put that anywhere near your eyes and it’s going to scratch worse than my new kitten when we gave her a bath… and you’d likely make the same high pitched, screeching sounds she made too!!

I messaged the seller requesting a refund… and she said no, because the product was genuine. Long story short, we’ve been arguing back and forth for a few days, her claiming she has proof it’s genuine and I can whistle. Well, that’s just not something I can accept. So I decided to get someone fighting in my corner, and who better to ask advice form than an ACTUAL Dior staff member?

So off I traipse into town, to my local John Lewis and arrive at the Dior counter where I encounter two lovely ladies.

Now, on a side note, I always used to be so intimidated by the Dior ladies, because of their black uniforms, their immaculate appearance and their stunningly made up faces… and the fact that, even on my best days, I felt slightly inferior when talking to them! But hey, maybe that’s part of their sales pitch! I know I bought my first Dior piece because I felt like “Hey, they’re wearing Dior makeup, if I wear it, I can be as beautiful as them!”

Anyway, back to the story.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was speaking to the Regional Manager for the Greater London area, and she was most interested in the fake (and yes, she confirmed that it WAS a fake) eyeliner. Jen – 1, eBay seller – 0

So I now have the RM’s email, and I can send her the details of the sellers I find are dealing in fake products!!!!!!

If you, or anyone you know, have had dealings with someone selling fake Dior makeup, please feel free to message me, either here or on twitter, and I will happily investigate or report it.

Look out for my full write up!!!!!

Until next time,

Jen x